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I am not a Renaissance man. I am a Postmodern man. I hope you stick around.




October 2012
July 2012
June 2012
May 2012
  • How does it look around here? I've made a lot of changes to the site, and I hope you like them. I have added sites for you to check out my writing and my art. I am travelling this month to Berlin and I have two improvised music engagements posted on my calendar. Please come out if you are in the area!
  • I have added a donation link to the various pages. If you decide to contribute, please tell me what you are supporting!
December 2011
  • My compositions for harp and trumpet, the impermanence of beauty, and harp and double bass, Clumsily I walk with You, will be premiered at the end of the month.
July 2011
  • Updates to projects in the works: The 2nd The Nonsense Music Band album is moving along nicely. Most of the beats for album length epic song are complete and a story outline as been sketched. In the composition realm, a new piece for four oboes, Oil and Vinegar, has been completed. Likewise a new piece for harp and trumpet, the impermanence of beauty, should be performed in short order. Sketches for pieces for flute and percussion, harp and double bass, piano trio, and string quartet have been made, but encouragement is needed! Send me an email (dug falk at gmail dot the com) to keep me moving forward on these projects. Finally on the improvised music front, Ghost Nebula hope to return to the studio soon to record a new album as equipment details are addressed.
June 2011
June 2010
  • Nonsense Music Band was interviewed on KTRU (Rice University Radio) on the Scordatura show by the gifted composer, Hsin-Jung Tsai. The interview is available here
  • I am excited to announce that a new improvised music album is in the works for my duo with Ryan Edwards. The project is called Ghost Nebula and will have a website posted soon. The album will be available for free shortly. Check out the Performance Calendar for up to date concert information.
  • A new piece, entitled interpunct, was premiered on June 20, at Resonant Interval Sound Series #31, along side a new composition by Hsin-Jung Tsai, which was entitled Now. Both pieces were scored for the unique ensemble of Oboe (doubling English Horn), Double Bass (doubling trumpet and flugelhorn) and piano. Recordings will be posted shortly.
May 2010
  • The Nonsense Music Band will be performing as part of The Houston Fringe Festival hosted by/at FrenetiCore/Frenetic Theater in August! Check their website for more information.
April 2010
  • The Nonsense Music Band CD is set for a cd release on Friday, April 23rd. Click here for a little more info about the event. It's going to be a great show. Many more shows are listed on the events calendar.
February 2010
  • New shows have been added to Events calendar for the Nonsense Music Band in February. Wow! Also, Rufus, Javier and Sven Chase a Chicken Through a Church will be performed at the Trombone Studio Recital at the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. Samuel Jackson, tenor trombone, and Travis Sheaffer, bass trombone will perform in Duncan Recital Hall at 5:30 pm on February 18th, 2010. Check out all those performances!
  • The Nonsense Music Band is hard at work finishing our first album, called Autobiophony. It should be available (in electronic lo fi mp3 and high quality audio disc) in March.
September 2009
  • I played an improvised set at 410 (410 Main St., Houston, TX), which was broadcasted on public access television. My portion of the show is viewable here.
  • A new article in The Rice Radio Folio discusses improvisers in Houston and mentions my contributions. Here is a link.
June 2009
  • I successfully organized a recording session for a new piece I wrote (Music for Clarinet, Cello and Piano). One of the movements (played by some fantastic players) is posted on the Composition page.


The images presented at the top were drawn by Fiver user Alyssaerin, except the paintbrush which was created from vectors by DragonArtz Designs.